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04 Nov

04/11/2015 Great news from Europe – and savings all round!

EU red tape is a nightmare for many businesses, but for once there is some good news ahead.

From next year all the remaining incandescent light bulbs in Europe are being phased out. You might be wondering why this is good, if it means replacing them with new lighting … well, it’s simply that the energy-efficient LED bulbs we are installing instead are far cheaper to run and much better quality!

Demand is so strong that we have now opened sister companies in Germany and Italy, as well as the UK.

LED lighting slashes business costs

With LED lighting businesses are saving energy, cutting their carbon footprint and reducing their lighting bill by up to 70%.

Results we have achieved for our clients include:
• A shopping mall saving over £300,000 on their annual lighting costs
• A hotel saving over £10,500 on repair and maintenance
• An office block saving over £34,500 on electricity cost per year
• A manufacturing facility saving over £5,700 per month

It’s the same story all over Europe and as organisations across the continent wake up to the benefits of energy-efficient LED bulbs, Powersave Solutions is expanding.

Huge demand for LED bulbs

We have launched Powersave Germany and Powersave Italy, a hugely exciting development that underlines the swelling demand for LED lighting.

We are working with the European operations of UK clients such as property developer CBRE, for whom we carried out the retrofit of the Keel Row Shopping Centre in Northumberland – which promptly won the Super Saver award in the first-ever Love Energy Savings Awards!

From Hamburg to Rome we’re also taking on a host of new customers. To encompass our UK and European businesses we have created the Powersave Solutions Group, and we are now stronger than ever.

LED lighting experts

With 20 years’ experience in the industry we can stop companies falling into common pitfalls when they switch to LED.

Some firms racing to beat the EU deadline have made the mistake of buying poor-quality bargain-basement bulbs that last only a year, change colour and are a hassle to maintain and replace.

Before of our two decades of expertise we supply only grade AAA LED bulbs that last ten years, retain full brightness and require minimum manpower to maintain.

Best supplier for LED bulbs

Our advice is: “Don’t make the mistake of buying a shoddy product that actually costs your business more – talk to industry leaders Powersave Solutions and start saving!”

We can offer a whole solution from energy and lighting reports to manufacturing and installation. No one else can provide this rounded service and depth of expertise.

If you’d like to know more about saving money and cutting your carbon footprint, please get in touch today.