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Outdoor Lighting

Powersave Solutions offers a variety of innovative, energy efficient lighting for both indoor and outdoor environments.


Unlike the traditional mercury flood lights, our commercial outdoor LED retrofits are long lasting (more than 5 times longer than that of the traditional lamps).  With outside lighting being probably the most challenging to maintain this is a huge advantage with financial and man hour benefits.



Powersave Solutions can provide a wide array of innovative commercial outdoor lighting which includes: landscape LED lights, bollard lights, garden lights, flood lights all able to withstand even the worst of British winters.


Whatever your premises, provision of well-lit surroundings is important. At Powersave Solutions, we propose environmentally friendly and modern designs for your business, to illuminate your building perfectly by day and by night.


With addition of our motion detector sensors, this allows for added cost efficiency while safeguarding provision of safety in outside and parking areas for all your personnel and visitors and deterring unwanted intrusions.



Improve the game:  outdoor sports centres (tennis, football, rugby, golf… etc) can be fully integrated into the innovative world of LED lighting.  


Our Qlamp IP65 50W LED floodlight replaces 150W traditional lamp but uses only a third of the energy!