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Industrial Lighting

Powersave Solutions offers LED retrofit lighting for commercial industries with no capital investment and a 5 year warranty. Our lighting meets the international quality standards required for application in the industrial sector.


We offer top quality, dependable and durable  industrial lighting solutions that are adapted to meet the specific needs of your premises.  Asymmetrical building levels and extensive ceiling heights are taken into consideration to ensure the optimum lighting result is achieved.


Our customers are nationwide and include manufacturing, food processing, security, cold storage, warehousing facilities.  Our experience will guide you to the best LED lighting solution to your production line; assembly line; packaging facility; storage or warehouse providing maximum visibility for enhanced productivity and safe environment.

Due to the nature of the application, LED industrial lights offer the fastest payback rate than almost any other application for energy efficient lighting products.  Almost ZERO maintenance is required for our LED industrial lighting which is critical when striving to optimise performance levels by limiting production downtime and stoppages.  Our superior LED lighting quality comes with no flickering or buzzing.


With industry responsible for contributing the bulk of the UK’s carbon emissions, it is imperative that each individual company helps to ease the burden on the environment.

This concludes that LED lighting is an essential evolution for any industry.




For each 1 kilowatt of energy you reduce, you lower your Co2 emissions by 0.52m3