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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What do you mean by Pays As You Save? We pay by instalments so where is the saving part?
The monthly instalments being repaid will more or less be equal to the cost saving generated by the new lighting so you will continue to pay the same until the cost of retrofit is amortised after which the cost saving will go straight to you.

2.How do you know the cost of the lighting consumption both before and after the proposal?
We will arrange for a technical assessment. During the technical assessment, we will take details of the lights/lamps currently in use, along with other factors including the area of the building, the areas to be lit and the hours of operation which will enable us to calculate your existing energy consumption and estimate what your new energy consumption will be using the proposed replacements.

3.What is involved in the replacement of the lamps and/or light fittings?
In most cases, we replace the existing lamp with the correct LED replacement. (This replacement is what is generally referred to as retrofitting). In other cases however it may be more cost efficient to replace the light fitting itself. Where the current fitting cannot accept the LED replacement, fitting must also be replaced.

4. Who will carry out the installation?
The installation can either be done by one of our technicians (the cost of which can be factored into the proposal) or alternatively by a professional of your choosing such as an electrical contractor or a maintenance person (in which case our proposal will be prepared with no installation cost).

5. You have mentioned that there is no capital investment required but we have to pay a deposit which is equal to 20% of the proposal value?
Providing that you are a VAT registered business, this deposit that you will have to pay as VAT (equal to 20% of the proposal value) will be returned to you following your next VAT submission. If you are a non VAT registered business, please tell us so that we can factor the proposal accordingly and arrange alternative solution.

6. How can I calculate my savings at the end of a 24 month finance repayment term, taking into consideration the lifetime of the products?
Our LED lamps provide between 25,000 and 50,000 hours of illumination. If we consider an average lifetime of 37,500 hours and working hours of 8 hours a day over 30 days a month then:
Average product lifetime: 37,500 hours.
Working hours per month: 8 x 30 = 240 hours per month.
Life period: 37,500 / 240 = 156.25 months.

7. What is the country of origin of the products?
Our LED lamp products are manufactured in our factories in China strictly adhering to our specifications. The fittings (depending on the actual product) are manufactured in Chinese or European factories again strictly adhering to our specifications.

8. Are the products covered by a warranty?
Yes, all products include a 5 year warranty.

9. Do we have to pay anything for the technical assessment or proposal?
No, all technical assessments and proposals are free of charge without any obligation.

10. How soon after accepting the proposal can we expect delivery?
Delivery is usually between 10 to 30 days from the date of order signing and payment of deposit.

11. Is there a possibility that our application for credit may not be approved?
All applications for credit are subject to approval. Those that have been declined credit can instead choose to make payment as a single lump sum before delivery.

12. What is the difference between the Pay As You Save (PAYS) scheme and simply purchasing some LED lamps?
Our Pay As You Save (PAYS) scheme enables you to replace your current lamps with energy efficient LED’s using savings from your energy bill. We provide you with a solution which requires no capital investment. We will propose the correct replacements that will produce the equivalent or better lighting quality to the lamps or fittings you currently use. If however you were to purchase replacement LED lamps you would have to pay upfront.

13. Through the PAYS scheme, am I able to replace the lamps and light fittings at my premises with energy efficient LED’s with no upfront costs?
Yes you Pay As You Save using the savings from your energy bill. After the contract repayment period, what was your monthly instalment will be an extra income for your business.

14 Who is the lender? Is there any interest? What is the APR?
We work with 3rd party financial lenders in order to be able to provide credit. The total amount payable in your proposal will include any interest incurred. The APR is 4.5%-8.5% depending on the client and the proposal value.