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Pay As You Save Scheme - Powersave Solutions Ltd

So What Exactly Is Our Pay As You Save (PAYS) Scheme?

Our Pay As You Save (PAYS) scheme, enables you to pay for energy saving lighting improvements (the upgrading and replacement of your existing lighting with high grade energy efficient LED’s) using the resulting savings on your energy bill. This replacement of your existing lighting is what’s generally referred to as retrofitting.

By switching to the correct LED replacements, energy savings that can be achieved are significant at up to 70% while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.



The PAYS Benefits:

Protection Plan:
5 Year Warranty in our all- inclusive protection plan.

Return Cash Flow: Immediate return on your investment once the retrofit is complete.

No out – pocket costs: Your LED’s are paid from what you save on your monthly energy bills.

Instant savings on clients Energy Bills.

Huge savings to be made by eliminating the continuous need for replacements and maintenance costs incurred with current bulbs and lamps (RMF).

Eco Friendly, Long Life, Quality Lighting.


The Process:

We will assess your lighting and energy usage pattern and calculate how much can be saved by replacing the existing lighting with the correct energy saving replacements.

A detailed proposal will be prepared clearly illustrating:

- the estimated energy consumption with the current fittings
- energy consumption using the proposed replacements
- the savings per month and per year
- the cost of materials
- the cost of installation (where requested)
- the number of monthly instalments to suit your requirements

After fitting the replacements, the monthly savings you will make on your lighting bill is repaid to the finance company until the cost of the LED replacements has been settled.

Your energy savings will therefore fund the your lighting upgrade, after which there will be a return on your investment.

This energy saving solution – our Pay As You Save (PAYS) scheme allows you to make significant cost savings while reducing your carbon emissions.


The Installation:

Depending on the client’s requirements, the installation can either be done by one of our Technicians (Powersave Installations Ltd.) or a professional of your choice and the cost of which can be factored into the proposal (this will of course extend the number of repayment months).  Alternatively we can issue the proposal without installation costs and you can arrange installation separately.


The Repayment:

We provide flexible repayments options to suit various business needs, noting that the monthly repayment amount and the total number of monthly instalments is determined by the value of the proposal.  Finance-free discounts will be available to clients who do not require finance credit and choose instead to make payment as a single lump sum. Please note that for credit customers, an application fee may apply.

All applications for credit are subject to approval and all proposals are subject to a deposit which is equal to 20% of the proposal value.