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What is LED? - Powersave Solutions Ltd

The Advantages And Benefits Of LED - Light Emitting Diode

Switching to LED lighting makes sense both economically and environmentally and there are considerable benefits to consider:

HUGE Energy Efficiency (anywhere between 40- 70% saving on lighting bills).

Long Life LED lamps offer longer lifespan of approximately 10 times more than traditional bulbs.

Massively Reduce Maintenance Costs reduced labour and material costs resulting from less frequent changes (RMF).

Drastically Lowers Carbon Footprint helping you help the environment.

Vivid Colours without Filters and Colour Change.

Directed Light.

Robust & Shock Resistant LED’s are solid state components and are difficult to damage compared to fragile fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

Dimmable, Emergency & Sensor available.

No Mercury & Environmentally friendly LED’s contain no hazardous substances.

Easily Recycled – just throw away.

No Heat or UV (more power to light instead of to heat) approx. 90% less heat which protects fabrics, artworks, fittings, etc.

Compact & Adept to Design demands LED’s can be small (even as small as 2mm!!).  Unlike CFL bulbs, their design and size is almost unrestricted.  Main types include miniature, high power devices and custom designs such as alphanumeric or multicolour.

Interior & Exterior Application.

No Need for Ballast & transformers.

No Burn out without Warning. LED’s dim at end of Life so no abrupt bulb failures.

Various colours – cool white, daylight, warm white and emit light of an intended colour without using colour filters (unlike traditional lighting methods).