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About Powersave Solutions Ltd

Powersave Solutions Ltd is part of Europower Electrical Products UK Ltd whose management have 20 years of experience and knowledge in the electrical and lighting industries both internationally and in the UK.

What we do

Powersave Solutions Ltd. provide business to business energy saving lighting solutions through the supply of retrofit high grade LED lighting which can produce significant electricity savings of up to 70% while making a sustainable and responsible contribution to helping the environment. Our projects to date include commercial business centres, shopping centres, sporting centres, industrial manufacturing facility, hotel, cafeterias, health care facilities, etc. Industry and commercial buildings account for more than half of today’s energy consumption and at Powersave Solutions Ltd we choose the most appropriate energy solution for each organization supporting its sustainable growth.

In today’s world with high energy prices and rapid climate change, Powersave Solutions Ltd provides proven expertise in developing, constructing and operating greener and more economical energy lighting products. By manufacturing our own products we are in a better position to offer significant benefits in terms of volume, prices and warranty terms, innovation and design.

In line with government directive, all lamps that are lower than grade B will be banned starting from September 2016. LED’s are A classification and offer better durability, longer life, unrestricted design, safety, longevity and more economical than any other light on the market.

The PAYS Scheme

We are aware of the general financial restraints and as part our commitment to facilitate your inevitable move to LED lighting, we have introduced the Pay As You Save (PAYS) scheme.

Our Pay As You Save (PAYS) scheme enables organizations to upgrade their current lighting to our high grade energy saving LED’s lighting without payment. NO investment capital is required with our exclusive PAY AS YOU SAVE SCHEME which is 100% financed by The Carbon Trust energy consumption reducing initiative. You will continue paying the same value as your existing electricity bill until the cost of replacement is settled (approx. 2 years). After which you will enjoy up to 70% cheaper lighting bills.

Our technical team will come to your premises and offer professional assessment of your current lights and current energy consumption free of charge. We will consider the most suitable replacements and calculate how much can be saved using our high grade LED lighting. You will continue to pay the same electricity bill until the cost of the retrofit is absorbed (i.e. only the difference in monthly energy costs will be paid back to finance company).

Our PAYS Scheme is available to any company or organization who is interested in reducing carbon footprint and turning energy savings into capital.


We are committed to protecting the environment by reducing your business’s carbon emission with our effective energy efficient LED lighting solutions. We can help your organization eradicate unnecessary energy over consumption and carbon emissions and make a direct positive impact on climate change.